October Favorites

October it’s over and it’s time for some monthly favorites. Oddly, the weather felt more early spring-ish than what we’re used to in this time of the year here in Milan, so I went for healty looking skin, light coverage and rosy cheeks more often than usual.
These are the products that I used the most during the past month.

Bobbi Brown corrector in Light peachI bought this product months ago and never really used it ‘cause I always thought my pink based concealer was enough for my dark circles, and I didn’t want to add another creamy layer with the risk of seeing everything crease badly. I extracted it from the deepest corner of my drawer on a very bad-skin day, when all my face was screaming for help and it made the miracle. It makes the under eye area instantly brighter and cleaner and if set with a thin layer of powder – I use Benefit powderflage – it doesn’t crease on me. I keep it on the bluer skin just under the inner corner of the eye and above the inner corner where the skin may appear a little green, and I usually put what's left on the brush on the outside corner just to give a little lift. I apply it with a MAC 194 and then blend everything with the concealer of choice and the 224 blending brush.

NARS blush in AngelikaNARS describes this shade as a cotton candy with gold flecks, but I can see some pink and blue sparkles too. It’s a very pretty pink blush with a great lifting effect, but just like any other blush by this brand that I tried it has to be used carefully and with a light hand, especially if you’re very fair like me. I find that the best way to apply it is with the Yachiho kabuki brush also by NARS, but since it’s a very recent find it didn’t make it through this month favorites.

NARS loose setting powder in EdenSome time ago I heard that NARS was discontinuing these powders and, considering how good the reviews were, I thought I may give this product a try before it was too late.
So glad I did ‘cause this is one of the best powders I’ve ever tried. It photographs beautifully, does quite a good job on the oil control side and gives a soft, creamy appearance to the skin.
The packaging is a true mess, let’s just say that I don’t see myself traveling with this powder in the near future, it spills just looking at it – I may try to depot it but at this time it’s not very travel friendly – and it’s huge. But this is a pro too, since you get a life worth amount of powder.
I already bought a darker shade for summer time – Beach – in case the voices are true, it’s def something that I’d recommend if you can put your hands on it. I can’t wait to try it combined with the Sheer Glow foundation, also by NARS, when the weather gets cooler.
MAC Face & Body foundation in C1An old favorite of mine, rediscovered during the summer season thanks to the fake tan. I usually like my pale, milky skin but this past summer I braced myself and tried a little fake tan. The result was lovely but required a shade upgrade in the foundation department, so I went to MAC, was color-matched C4 and I rocked this foundation the whole season. Going back on the fair side of the skin range though, I didn’t have the heart to put this foundation back in the drawer but my usual combination N1+white felt incredibly annoying after 3 month of pouring on my face product straight from the bottle. By chance I walked into the store for the nth collection of the year and I tried C1 while I was waiting. I don't know what happened to the old shade, that used to be way more yellow and unflattering on me, but thanks to whoever changed the formulation now C1 is the perfect match, with no more mixing involved. Awesome.
Recommended to everyone that likes skin-foundations, has pretty decent skin – even if the coverage can be easily increased – or doesn’t like the feeling of something more than moisturizer on his skin.
MAC Eyebrow pencil in FlingThis is a staple in my makeup bag, easy to work with and precise, with the right amount of cool and warm tones to match my ashy blond brows. The only downside of this mechanical pencil, as I found out early this month, is that you can’t really tell how much product is left until it’s completely over. I struggled a little to find it – obviously the more desperately you need something, the bigger the chances for it to be sold out everywhere – but in the end I managed to grab a handful of pencils to keep in stock.
Lesson learned: if you really love something don’t take it for granted or it’ll leave you without warning with a brow done and one to go.
If you’re struggling to find a nice, natural-looking product to fill in your eyebrows with, definitely give MAC pencils a try.

Real techniques Buffing BrushBrushes are my soft spot.
People like trying different mascaras, every new foundation that peeps out from the market, I collect makeup brushes. To be honest it can get quite expensive, but as I learned a couple of years ago when I started taking makeup seriously, a good brush makes all the difference in the world.
This in particular is the best synthetic version of the MAC 109 that can be found on the market. Like its MAC brother, it can be used to buff liquid, cream or powder products into the skin to get an effortless airbrushed finish. Being synthetic solves what to me is the only flaw of the 109 - the shedding-, and for this reason can be used with products such as the MAC Face & Body, that drags on the skin as the water gets absorbed, without missing a hair. Only downside is that it can’t be purchased on its own but comes in a set, so getting a dupe it’s out of the question for now.
And you? What did you love during the past month?
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