January Glossybox - first impressions

gennaio 23, 2012

Box rosa shocking e cuoricini. Anche Glossybox comincia i preparativi per San Valentino con la scatola di Gennaio, con 5 prodotti, di cui 1 full size, e un’occhio di riguardo per il cruelty free - se non avete mai sentito parlare di Glossybox e volete saperne di più potete dare un’occhiata al mio post sulla box di Ottobre e al sito Glossybox.it -.

Ecco il contenuto:

How-To: Rescue dried-out gel liner

gennaio 22, 2012

Who’s into gel liners knows the delight that comes from opening a new jar and how painful working with a dry product can be. And everyone will eventually experience the dryness, ‘cause every gel liner will sooner dry: for as careful as you can be - screwing the cap on as hard as you can or keeping the jar open only for a few seconds at a time – unless you use the gel everyday and in great quantities, you’ll end up working with a desert-in-a-jar, and with too much product left to just throw it away carelessly.

This is exactly what happened to me: my beloved MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack was impossible to work with but the jar was still half full and getting rid of it was quite out of question. Last week I decided to try and save it and since the mission is accomplished I thought I’d share.

The Body Shop Monoi miracle oil review

gennaio 18, 2012

Never been the oil type - I’m more of a body butter girl -, but I can’t deny all this hype about all-around body oils got my attention, so last time I placed a order on The Body Shop website I threw this in my cart.

Monoi miracle oil was inspired by the Polynesian spa rituals and it can be used as a body moisturizer, massage oil, a bath oil or hair conditioner.

Tag: If all my makeup disappeared…

gennaio 12, 2012

…which 10 items would I choose to replace first?
Yesterday I was watching some random videos on YouTube – oh, the things I do instead of studying – and I found this – new, I think, since it’s the first time I see it - tag on Amarixe’s channel.
Let’s make things clear and admit right from the start that in real life there’d be no question of it: I’d probably die of a stroke if such a calamity may actually happen, but it’s for fun, right? Also, since the tag says makeup and not tools or beauty products, I take it as all my makeup brushes, lash curlers and skin care items survived the disaster, otherwise enough is enough and I’d rather jump in front of a running bus.
And that said, these are the products I’d buy straightaway:

Laura Mercier mini haul & new counter

Last Thursday I was wandering in and out of the shops downtown looking for some good sales and as usual I visited the most luxurious mall in Milan, La Rinascente, just to take a look to the MAC counter and then droll a little on Louis Vuitton and co. I took one last look to Shu Uemura and right when I was ready to leave I saw this wonder.

Yes. Now there’s a real, serious Laura Mercier counter. We had a small one already, in a remote pharmacy with low stocks and little choice, but now we have the real thing. I almost shrieked in excitement and the MUA must have thought I was a little mental, ‘cause I was practically bouncing the whole time I talked to her. She was kind enough to let me take a picture and then, since I was the only client at the moment, she took some time describing the new releases. Such a refreshing chat: it’s so hard to find sale assistants that actually know what they’re talking about – most MAC counters excepted. I left with a couple of products I’ve had my eyes on for the longest time and some foundation samples that I can’t wait to try.

Liz Earle Sheer skin tint spf15 review

gennaio 10, 2012

During the last year Liz Earle products, such as the Cleans & polish hot cloth cleanser, have been the talk of the town in the beauty community and many pieces made it through my wish list.
A couple of days before Christmas I stumbled on the website and I decided to treat myself with a whole lot of new skin care products. Everything arrived in a handful of days, nicely packaged and with a lot of freebies – just the kind of customer care that makes your day -, and among them, the Sheer skin tint sample kit.

The idea is brilliant: you get a sample of all the 3 shades - #01 Bare for fair skin tones, #02 Beige for medium skin tones (the average Caucasian) and #03 Beach for medium to dark skin tones – so you can color match yourself at home, in nice, natural lighting, and choose the right shade, whilst trying the product – and it also spares overseas clients like me, with no counter in sight to actually swatch the tint, the usual guessing process to blindly pick the right shade -.
Usually with such a tiny shade selection I don’t even dare to hope to find my shade, but #01 is actually a perfect match – for reference, MAC NC10 -, just with a little more pink undertones that I typically like in my foundations. The shade selection, anyways, is soon to be widened.

SteamCream review

gennaio 06, 2012

Since the first time I shopped on Asos I was intrigued by these cute tins, but I wasn’t familiar with the brand and never went further and actually bought one, until I read a blog post by Lisa Eldridge and I decided to give it a try.

I took a moment to browse the website, to learn more about the steam process and it’s quite genius, in a why I didn’t think about that way. In short, a moisturizer is made of oil-based and water-based ingredients that chemically don’t get along together very well. Other manufacturers use additives to tie them and create a firm and solid emulsion, but the problem is that the ingredients stay emulsified on your skin too, sitting on it. Instead, Steamcream uses steam to create a bond that stays put in the jar, but breaks on the skin so that all the ingredients get completely absorbed.

December favorites

gennaio 04, 2012

December was a very busy month, with the Christmas gift quest and all the makeup trials for the NYE look, consequently I wasn’t very consistent with makeup products, aside for these 5 here.

Chanel Pro Lumiere+Lift Lumiere foundations

A new lucky combination. I didn’t think it was possible, but this winter I grew even paler than usual and even shade #10 looked a little too dark on me, so I started mixing it with my Lift Lumiere in shade #05, definitely too fair for me but perfect to keep in the kit for mixing. The result is a slightly lighter coverage and a little lift – thanks to the luminosity - that is always welcomed in winter.

The Body shop Spice Vanilla hand cream

My favorite of the Christmas scents - full review here -. I’m usually quite lazy when it comes to hand creams and lip balms, I just put them on when I remember, stage where is too late to prevent and everything is cracking and bleeding. Last month though I started keeping the hand cream on the table near my laptop and I ended up using it every time I refilled my drink.
I only wish I stocked up more than a couple of tubes, ‘cause now it’s sold out on the website.

INGLOT greys/purples palette

The search for the perfect NYE look made me play a lot with my neglected Inglot palettes and I fell in love all over again: amazing pigmentation and lovely texture, and also cheap enough to allow me to build quite a collection in short time. Around the 27th I was booked for a last minute makeover and, since the request was a grey smoky eye for NYE, I ended up playing with this palette a lot during my trials. I’m more of a warm-tones girl but these shades are brilliant – the client was drooled all over them during the whole thing too -.

Parlèz-moi d’amour by John Galliano

Even in winter I prefer light fragrances, like Miss Dior Chèrie or Chanel Chance. This one is my latest purchase, and it’s probably the heavier, more wintery of the light scents I own, if that makes any sense. I’m the worse at describing scents, so I won’t even go there, but to me smells like the perfect balance of sweet, flowers and fruits. Totally recommended if you like fresh, elegant fragrances.

What products got your love in December? Any perfume recommendation?


Dicembre è stato un mese piuttosto pieno, con la ricerca dei regali e gli esperimenti per il look di Capodanno, di conseguenza non sono stata costante nella scelta dei prodotti, ma questi 5 sono stati senza dubbio i più ricorrenti.

Chanel Pro Lumiere+Lift Lumiere foundations

Un’altra combinazione fortunata. Non credevo fosse possibile, ma quest’inverno sono addirittura più pallida del solito e persino la tonalità #10 sembra troppo scura, perciò ho cominciato a mischiarla con la #05 del Lift Lumiere, decisamente troppo chiara per me, ma che tengo nel kit per modificare le tonalità. Il risultato è una coprenza lievemente alleggerita e un ulteriore effetto push up, grazie alla luminosità addizionale del Lift Lumiere, che in inverno fa sempre bene.

The Body shop Spice Vanilla hand cream

La mia profumazione preferita dell’edizione natalizia - recensione qui -. Di solito sono piuttosto pigra per quanto concerne creme mani e burro cacao, mi ricordo di metterli solo quando ormai è troppo tardi per prevenire e il danno è fatto. Il mese scorso ho cominciato a portarmi dietro questa crema ovunque e a tenerla vicino al computer, ricordandomi di applicarla ogni volta che riempivo il bicchiere d’acqua - che mi tengo vicino per lo stesso motivo -. Vorrei solo averne fatto scorta prima che andasse esaurito sul sito.

INGLOT greys/purples palette

La ricerca per il look perfetto per il Veglione mi ha portata a giocare con le mie palette Inglot, che non hanno ricevuto abbastanza amore di recente, e ad innamorarmi di nuovo: pigmentazione strepitosa e texture fantastica, e abbastanza economici da permettermi di collezionarne un bel po’ in poco tempo. Intorno al 27 una cliente mi ha prenotata all’ultimo minuto per un makeover, e visto che la richiesta era uno smoky eye sui toni del grigio per Capodanno, ho sperimentato parecchio con questi colori. Sono più una ragazza da toni caldi, ma questi tonalità sono strabilianti – persino la mia cliente era impressionata.

Parlèz-moi d’amour by John Galliano

Anche in inverno preferisco profumi leggeri, come Miss Dior Chèrie o Chanel Chance. Questo è il mio acquisto più recente ed è probabilmente la fragranza più invernale tra le non-propriamente-invernali che posseggo, se ha senso. Sono pessima a descrivere i profumi, quindi non ci proverò neppure, ma mi sembra il perfetto equilibrio tra dolce, fruttato e floreale. Raccomandato se vi piacciono i profumi freschi ma eleganti.

Quali sono i vostri prodotti preferiti di Dicembre? Qualche raccomandazione nel reparto profumi?

Best of 2011

gennaio 03, 2012

2011 was a great year for beauty finds: after ages of cosmetic isolation many brands finally came to Italy and, with a little help from the beauty community, I was able to put my hands on some of the ones that still snub us. These are the products I found and couldn’t let go.
Oh, and if you’re wondering, almost all my 2010 best finds are still on full swing and you can take a look at them here, on my Flickr album.

Makeup: (top-bottom) Bobbi Brown creamy concealer & corrector / Chanel Vitalumiere aqua foundation / MAC prep+prime vibrancy eye primer / Chanel eyelash curlers / Laura Mercier secret brightening powder / Laura Mercier oil-free foundation primer / Becca Shimmering skin perfector / Jemma Kidd all over radiance

Skincare: Bioderma Sensibio h20 solution miscellaire / Oilatum natural repair face cream / Estee Lauder Advanced night repair eye

Haircare: TIGI Bed head urban antidotes Recovery shampoo & conditioner / John Freida frizz-ease heat protection

Brushes: (l-r) Sigma 131 / MAC 225 / Sigma P84 / Shu Uemura goat foundation brush #18 / Real techniques buffing brush

Brand: INGLOT freedom system eyeshadows / La femme pro pan blushes / Sleek eyeshadow palettes (top Au naturel, bottom PPQ me, myself and eye)
A pic-spam post felt like the best option, since I didn’t want to do a mile long post, but if you want a specific review or some information on a product drop a comment and I’ll be happy to please you.
What are your best finds of the past year? Will you keep using them in 2012 or you’re starting fresh?
Il 2011 è stato un grande anno per le scoperte beauty: finalmente dopo anni di embargo cosmetico alcune marche sono approdate in Italia e, grazie a qualche dritta da parte della beauty community, sono riuscita a mettere le mani su alcuni dei brand che ancora ci snobbano. Questi sono i prodotti che ho trovato e non ho più lasciato.
E nel caso foste curiose, quasi tutti i miei preferiti del 2010 tengono duro e potete dare un’occhiata qui, nel mio album Flickr.
Un post di sole foto mi è sembrata la scelta migliore, non volendo scrivere un post lungo un miglio, ma nel caso voleste una recensione in particolare o qualche informazione in più, lasciatemi un commento e sarete accontentate.
Quali sono le vostre scoperte del 2011? Li userete anche nel 2012 oppure state già pensando di provare qualcos’altro?