Lush Treats for Mother's Day.

maggio 08, 2018

Mother's Day is officially less than a week away and what better way to celebrate than stocking up on some amazing Lush goodies for your lovely mums and of course yourselves? As usual I'll take any excuse to make my bathroom - and the whole house to be honest - smell absolutely gorge and since Lush's Spring collection this year is especially stunning, I had to share a few recommendations.

A Spring Haul.

maggio 05, 2018

There's no better time for a skincare refresh than Spring and since I've been itching to try something new for ages, I decided the turn of the season was the perfect moment to tick off a few names from my endless wishlist. From the cutest set of mini masks to a beautiful cleanser to a cheeky new fragrance picked up on a whim, here are my most recent purchases and a few first impressions.

The Fenty Beauty Edit.

aprile 18, 2018

To say the internet lost its mind when Rihanna announced her new beauty range would be a huge understatement and I think the main reason why Fenty Beauty has been doing so well right from the get-go is the inclusive shade range that screams loud and clear that beauty is for everyone. Sure the millennial pink packaging and beautiful honeycomb design are very eye-catching, but it's this fresh approach to beauty that really makes Fenty stand out from the crowd. Today I want to share my thoughts on the products I own.

15 Beauty Tips That Work For Me Everytime.

aprile 04, 2018

One of my favourite things about beauty is there's always something to learn, some new technique and quick hack that can help you improve your makeup application or the results of your skincare routine, and make your life a little easier. Today I've rounded up some of my favourite fool-proof tips to share with you - some of these might sound pretty obvious, but they always work for me and my skin, and hopefully they'll be helpful for you as well.

Lush Does Valentine's Day 2018.

febbraio 13, 2018

There're three kinds of people in the world when it comes to Valentine's day: those who take it really seriously and go all out to celebrate it, and the ones who want to burn all the hearts and stuffed teddy bears. Then there's me, the girl that doesn't really care for the day per se but is forever looking for an excuse to hoard all the seasonal Lush goodies and indulge in a good ol' pamper. Who else is with me?

This year's V-Day collection is rather delicious and really special as well, as almost the entire range is packaging free - so no bottles or plastic containers in sight. How cool is that? Go Naked or go home!
Here I'm sharing a few favourite picks I recommend you treat yourself to.