Recent Lifestyle Favourites.

agosto 17, 2019

Hello and happy weekend! Wow, it's been a minute since I have sat down and written anything on here. I hope you're all doing well!
I'm in the middle of a chilled afternoon, the to-do list it's all checked for the day and the washing machine is doing its thing. What better time to catch up and give you a run down of a few recent favourites?

Lush Valentines 2019 Picks.

febbraio 12, 2019

Between you and me, I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day per se, but if soppy cards and cheesy gifts leave me completely unimpressed, I'm always here for the Lush Valentines range. This year's collection might be the most colourful one yet and it's pretty special too, as it combines the usual sweet and romantic bits with witty and suggestive emoji-inspired numbers that are both naughty and nice.
As usual I wanted to buy one of each but
with the giant stash waiting at home in mind, I only picked up my absolute favourites. Here are my picks from the 2019 Lush Valentine's day collection.

A Cosy Christmas Wish List.

dicembre 11, 2018

Is there anything better than tucking in with a good book, a stack of festive films ready and waiting, and a steaming cup of hot chocolate with too many mini-marshmallows to count piled on top? I don't think so. If anybody needs me, I'll be here for the foreseeable future.

The Holidays are almost here! The lights, the songs, the heavy knits and fluffy scarves... I'm so excited I can barely sit still. During the last few days I've been in full-on gift giving mode and whilst I was racking my brains to find the best presents for my dad and friends, I jotted down a little list of the things I'm hoping to unwrap - or snatch up on Boxing Day, because we all know I have zero self control and the post-Christmas sales are just too good to brush off.

Autumn skin sorted with Caudalie.

dicembre 04, 2018

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Caudalie skincare. I don't think there's been a Caudalie product that I haven't liked or a launch that I haven't been excited for. Their simple, fuss-free formulas really agree with my skin, and the brand is my go-to in particular when the temperature drops and my complexion needs a little TLC.
My main goal during the colder months is to keep my skin hydrated and soothed - dehydrated and sensitive is a dangerous combination and I have to do my best to keep my skin under control and avoid major freak-outs; so far these bits have been doing the trick for me.