Four Things I'm Doing This Halloween.

ottobre 30, 2018

Even if we don't really take Halloween too seriously down here, I can't help but get deeply excited for this time of the year and the day itself. Being a total homebody myself, I'm making it my mission to get the best out of the celebration whilst keeping things super cosy and here are 4 things I've added to my to-do list for tomorrow. 

Trying out Dermalogica Skincare.

ottobre 13, 2018

Truth be told, this post is way overdue. I wanted to share this weeks ago but, you know, life. But maybe that's a good thing because I've had more time to use these products and now I can give you an even better review.

As I've gotten older, I've fallen more and more in love with skincare - don't get me wrong, I still love makeup a lot but these days I find so much joy in experimenting with a new cleanser or playing around with facial oils and funky masks. The list of brands and products I want to try is longer than my arm but recently I was able to cross a huge name from said list as I've been kindly sent a few exciting bits from Dermalogica. Their products are well-known and loved within the beauty community and they've been described as skin - and sometimes even life - changing, so I couldn't wait to introduce them into my routine.

Five Recent Lifestyle Favourites.

agosto 20, 2018

I consider myself quite lucky as far as mental health goes as I mostly have good days when I feel perfectly normal and go on with my life without so much of an itch; but there are days, like yesterday, when anxiety takes over and it's easy for me to feel completely overwhelmed. When it happens, focusing on the simple, little things that put a smile on my face on a day to day basis never fails to make me feel lighter and clear my head a little, so today I'm sharing five non beauty-related things that I've been loving lately.

Introducing Resultime Skincare.

maggio 24, 2018

As a self-proclaimed skincare hoarder, I'm always eager to try new bits and formulas, but it's not just the beauty blogger in me that's constantly hunting for the next holy grail release. Especially as I age, I've become more conscious of looking after my skin and finding great skincare is absolutely essential for me. Among my all-time favourite brands, there's one that never disappoint: Resultime by Collin always seems to hit the nail on the head - their products just work so well for me and deliver every single time. Also, I couldn't help but feel instantly drawn to the minimal packaging and the incredibly straight forward range that heroes some of my favourite ingredients - collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. I've been using Resultime skincare for quite a while now and I thought it was about time I share the love with you.