A Lush Spring haul.

maggio 12, 2017

When the weather outside is absolutely dreadful and it feels more like November than mid May, it's totally okay to hide in the bathroom all day, forget the rain outside and enjoy a whiff of spring in the shower. Or at least that's what I've been telling myself to justify the ridiculous amount of time I've been spending soaking in the bath ever since I've got my hands on the Lush Mother's day selection. I feel like I say it every single time but I mean it, this might be the best collection yet. I would even go as far as saying that it's the mother of all collections - get it?

If you buy just one thing from the range, it has to be ScruBee, a body butter/scrub shaped like a chubby little bee. Cocoa and shea butter for moisture and ground coconut shells and almonds to exfoliate are obviously great for the skin and leave it soft and supple, but the real game changer is the scent: creamy, buttery white chocolate, that is. It's out of this world, trust me. According to the internet it might become permanent in the future, but it the mean time I'm going to buy enough to last the year.

As someone with constantly dry lips, I always like to have a lip scrub on hand and I was really pleased to see that Lush was going to release a new flavour with this collection. With an unusual mix of honey, sweet orange and peppermint oil, Honey Kiss lip scrub* is literally good enough to eat and smells absolutely divine, sweet and bright at the same time. A true staple for lipstick-ready lips within seconds.

Yummy Mummy shower cream* is a cult classic and the Mother's day range wouldn't be the same without it. The shower cream formula is one of my favourites as it leaves the skin looking and feeling silky soft and nourished, and deliciously scented for hours. The sweet tonka and geranium smell is comforting and uplifting and lingers in the bathroom for hours at end. And look at the colour! So pretty.

I knew I couldn't be without Baa Bar bubble bar as I'm a troubled sleeper and I love anything lavender scented and sleep inducing. This adorable little sheep fills the bath tube with tons of fluffy lilac bubbles and is infused with soy milk to moisturize the skin and clove, lavender, violet and jasmine extracts to soothe and calm the spirit. I personally love the powdery floral scent with spicy undertones to round it all out, it's a godsend for my anxiety.

Last but certainly not least, everybody knows mums are da bomb so there's nothing more appropriate than Mum Bath bomb* to celebrate them. The scent of lemon and sweet orange with hints of rose lifts the mood and it's the perfect treat after a long day.

Have you picked up anything from Lush recently?
 *Press sample