Notd: Chanel Frenzy

agosto 29, 2012

Frenzy is described as a lilac grey, and that's what I expected when I purchased it. While I can definitely see the lilac and grey undertones, I'd say it looks more mushroom-y in real life, like the perfect balance of taupe, mauve and dove grey.
I really enjoy the Chanel formula: it's light weight, self smoothing and, in this case, quite chip resistant - still perfect after 5 days of wear -. And doesn't apply streaky like other similar pale shades.

In daylight it appears more grey, while artificial light pulls out the mauve-ish tones.
Overall is a very sophisticated nude nail polish, a new way to the mannequin style. I think it's best suited for lighter skin tones and considering the price tag and the particular shade, you may want to see it in person before buying.

I really hope Frenzy will make it to the permanent line because I love greys and nudes and this little hybrid here is a dream come true.

How do you like Chanel polishes? Did one of the fall shades catch your eye already?


On my wishlist this week #3

agosto 27, 2012

Still desperately trying to keep track of everything that catches my eye. I'm so greedy...
But the good thing of fanta-shopping is it's almost as good and satisfying as the real thing and gives to wallets and bank accounts a little breathing space.

Senza titolo #6
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Wee french pharmacy haul

agosto 26, 2012

When dad said he was going to tour South France for the holidays, I immediately thought of an endless list of french pharmacy products that I wanted him to buy for me. But knowing how much he'd rather chow his arm off than spend more than 3 minutes in a beauty store and also remembering that pharmacies in the countryside are not as well-stocked as the ones in Paris, I decided to keep it simple and stick to two of my favorite products hoping for a huge bargain. Dad obediently took some pictures with his phone to be sure to buy the right stuff and was good to go.

Notd: Essie Topless & barefoot with a twist

agosto 19, 2012

As much as I enjoy funny and colorful nail arts, sometimes I feel the need to wear more elegant, plain shades. Essie Topless & barefoot is a beautiful creamy nude, with just the right amount of pink and beige to make it a very flattering shade for many skin tones. The formula is not too thin, not too creamy, easy to apply and opaque in just two coats. I hear many complaints about the brush in Essie polishes, but I didn't find the applicator particularly troublesome with this specific formula - while for example I find Mind candy apple quite annoying to work with -.

At the last second I decided to add an accent both on the ring finger and the thumb - not sure if you're suppose to keep it only on one finger, but I like it better this way - and to stay nude-ish I grabbed butter LONDON Tarte with a heart, a gorgeous cloudy clear base with tons of microglitters - even black ones! -  and some larger glitters that flash orange, lilac and pale green. An absolute stunner.

I loved this mix so much I kept glancing back at my nails every five seconds. Definitely not recommended for school days, it's way too distracting.

Did you embraced the mannequin trend or you can't let go of your beloved daring shades?


Cath Kidston style cases

agosto 13, 2012

I'm a huge Cath Kidston fan. It's one of those brands that can potentially ruin my bank statement for good, so I try to behave and limit my visits to some harmless browsing and fanta-shopping.
But I've been lusting over their accessory selection for a long, long time and when I finally started to feel ashamed of my phone holder - a.k.a. a pink ankle sock -, it felt like the right time for a little splurge. And since I was looking for a phone case, why not to look for a matching iPad holder too? I'm a sucker for coordinates...

On my wishlist this week #2

agosto 12, 2012

Daydreaming is free...

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July favorites

agosto 09, 2012

This summer is seriously going super fast, I can’t believe it - I’m not complaining too much though, I’m more of a winter girl and because of the amazing Fall collections coming out these days I’m getting really excited for the cooler season -.
Anyways, it’s already time for my monthly favorites:

Once again I stripped my makeup routine to the bones to stand a chance against humidity and reached for long lasting and waterproof products. Setting sprays and beauty waters helped a lot to cool down my skin and keep everything in place, but I’ll talk about those in a different post.

Notd: butter LONDON Knackered

agosto 07, 2012

Knackered is described as a sheer, twinkling oyster shade flecked with micro glitter particles. It's a jade green/purple duocrhome with holographic glitters. The rainbow sparkle is a little camera shy, but looks amazing in real life, especially when your nails get hit by the sun. It has the signature dreamy texture of the other Butter LONDON nail polishes I own: easy to work with, not streaky, dries reasonably quickly and doesn't chip too fast.

Unfortunately is on the sheer side: here I applied four coats - I'm a little anal and I absolutely hate being able to see the half-moons underneath a polish - and I can tell Knackered is definitely a beauty but four coats are a little too much trouble. But. There's a but. It looks stunning when layered over other nail polishes. I applied on top of OPI Thanks a windmillion, a creamy dollar green, and two tin layers were enough to enhance both the glitters and the duochrome.

Pictures do no justice to this gorgeous and unique polish. Definitely a must have for every nail varnish addicted.
Have you tried Butter LONDON nail polishes?