Notd: Dior Gris trianon

gennaio 29, 2013

Dior Gris trianon nail polish €20.90 - 1 coat plus topcoat
I love greys so much but unfortunately it's a real performance finding a flattering, not-too-dark grey nail polish. Grey is a very unusual shade for spring so I was very pleased to see a stone shade in the Dior Spring 2013 collection.

To be fair Gris trianon looked a little lighter in the promo pictures but I love this shade nonetheless. It's a creamy cement grey, very elegant and sophisticated. In artificial light I can definitely see some lilac hues - it makes me think of a darker version of Chanel Frenzy -, but in natural light is mostly neutral.
Application was effortless. I experienced some minor bubbling on the first two nails but that could have been my fault since I had to get used to the brush. The applicator is a work of art itself: the brush is flat, tapered at the end and quite stiff. It fans nicely on the nail making the spreading quick and precise. Easily the best nail polish brush I've worked with.
The nail polish itself is creamy, not to thick not too runny and pretty much a one coater. This is my first Dior varnish and I'm very impressed with the quality. I'm definitely going to try some more. Incognito looks really lovely.
Grey varnishes aren't for everyone, but I know the neutral lovers will appreciate it, just as much as who's on the market for something different but still elegant and office-appropriate.

Have you tried Dior nail polishes before?
Are you going to pick anything from the Chérie bow collection?


On my wishlist this week #8

gennaio 24, 2013

With all these beautiful Spring collections popping out everywhere, my wishlist is getting longer and longer by the minute. Send help! 

NARS Dressed to kill lipstick // CHANEL Poudre signée de Chanel Illuminating powder // OPI When monkeys fly! // Ciaté Sequin manicure // MUFE Aqua brow // MAC Fluidline brow gelcreme
001 I was absolutely sure I wasn't going to pick anything from the NARS Spring collection, but that, of course, was before Temptalia reviewed it. Le sigh. Dressed to kill (Kristine's review here) is a very pretty off-red shade with the finest gold sparkle. It's a really lovely shade, still bright but not too bold. The perfect transition shade for spring.

002 The design embossed on this powder highlighter is so beautiful: there're little lipsticks and glosses along with tiny camelias and nail polish bottles. Too cute! It looks delicate and natural on the skin and doesn't seem to be too pink or to yellow.

003 At first I was a little disappointed by the visual of the Oz the great and powerful collection by OPI. I was expecting vivid shades and bright colors, not pastels and pale polishes. But the glitter shades look quite pretty, especially When monkeys fly which looks like a mix of antique gold and holographic glitters. I can't wait for the first HD swatches!

004 I've seen a couple of pictures here and there and the sequin effect looks really amazing on the nails. I'm not sure I'll invest in the Ciaté set tho - the caviar one is quite expensive for what it is - but I'm curious to see what the cheaper brands will come out with. I'm looking at you, MUA.

005 My love for MAC Fling is still going strong but I'd like to try something new to fill in my brows. I can't wait for the upcoming Stylish brow collection by MAC: I heard many good things about the brand new brow fluidlines and the dirty blonde one seems promising. I'm also quite curious about the waterproof gels by Makeup For Ever but I struggle to find good reviews around. Have you tried them?

What's on your wishlist this week?


Notd: OPI Teenage dream

gennaio 14, 2013

OPI Teenage dream 3 coats €13.90
I did a little shopping my stash recently and emerged from my nail polish box with a couple of too long neglected gems. This one I had to slap on right away.
Teenage dream is one of my favorite glitter polishes. Maybe not my all time favorite but definitely in my top 3. It's a dreamy mix of fine light pink glitters and bigger holographic ones suspended in a clear base. Like Glitter in the air, this shade reminds me of unicorns and fairy dust. It's feminine and delicate but with a fun twist.
The nail polish is jam-packed with glitter particles and it's opaque in 3-4 coats. I don't find it dries particularly gritty. It has a nice frosted, sugary finish but I like to apply a glossy top coat on top of my glitter polishes to increase the sparkling effect and level any unevenness that might remain.

I know this shade is long gone but I saw a couple of bottles on sale on ebay for a decent, not to crazy price in case you missed it. How nice would it be if OPI did a remake collection with all the limited edition best-sellers? A girl can dream... I wonder if there's any dupe for this shade; please, let me know in the comments.

Do you have a favorite glitter polish or like me you can't pick just one varnish?


Spot the difference: spot treatments run-down

gennaio 06, 2013

Even though I'm blessed with pretty decent skin, I enjoy trying new stuff too much to really stick to one product long enough for my skin to get used to it and for this reason a few stress break-outs now and then are to be expected. Fortunately I put together a little emergency squad ready to come to the rescue whenever that happens.
Etat pur Pure activ A22 Slicylic acid 300 £12.20/€12.90 // Origins Super spot remover £13/€16 // Liz Earle Spot-on £8.50//€10.50
The Origins Super spot remover is something I've been using for a while now. I wrote a thorough review if you want to take a look at it (here) and I still reach for it as an overnight treatment to strike down those annoying zits that come to say hello as regular as clockwork every month. I like to use it at night because as the anti-bacterial formula acts, the blemish gets very red for some time and becomes trickier to cover with concealer. Also the healing concentrate is so potent in this it can be a little drying on the area and as the day goes by it can make the spot look flaky and the makeup a bit cakey.
The next product was a little disappointing for me but it's worth mentioning anyways, even though I just found out it has been temporarily discontinued due to some problems sourcing one of the ingredients. The Liz Earl Spot-on is a mixture of vitamin E and pure essential oils of tea tree, lavender and melissa with the most overwhelming eye-watering smell ever. Unfortunately it didn't do anything to improve the healing process of my blemishes and the roll-on applicator is quite sloppy, but helps a lot with pain relief and it's amazing on mosquito bites. Yay for double duty products!
Finally the most recent addition to my rescue team is the Etat pur Pure activ A22 Salicylic acid 300. This comes in the smartest packaging ever: pressing the bottom you push out of the dropper just the right amount of product you're going to need for each spot, which saves on waste and keeps everything very sanitary. Unlike its Origins equivalent it doesn't sting and can be used as preventive measure to stop a zit before it actually pokes out because the formula isn't drying at all.

What do you use to fight blemishes?


December favorites

gennaio 03, 2013

I couldn't think of a better way to begin with my New Year resolutions... After a little hiatus, my monthly favorites are finally back!

ANTIPODES Avocado pear nourishing night cream
Hands down the best night cream I've ever tried. Buttery and deeply nourishing, but absolutely not greasy even if contains pure avocado oil. The smell is gorgeous and so soothing, perfect for night time. I could write poems and songs about this product. Definitely my number one favorite this month!

ANTIPODES Kiwi seed oil eye cream
I pined over this eye cream in my previous skincare wishlist post and I really couldn't wait to try it. It's perfect for the colder months because is rich but the formula it's very light weight and comfortable to wear as well, even under makeup. It's also really good for the skin thanks to its natural ingredients. I think I got it bad for the New Zealander organic brand.

NARS Sheer glow foundation
My all time favorite foundation. When the weather gets colder I find myself reaching for it more often than not. I like to apply it with my fingers for a natural finish or with a buffing brush if I want to go full coverage for a night out or just a bad skin day, when I don't want to bother with concealer.

OPI Skyfall nail polish
Such an elegant and timeless shade and definitely a fall/winter staple. It's a dark red with a hint of brick brown. The formula is amazing, opaque in just to coats and quite long lasting. I was surprise to see that there's nothing quite like it in my collection. The brown hues make it quite unique.

ARMANI Eyes to kill eyeshadow quartet 04 Effeto nudo
(Full review here.) During the Holiday season I'm partial to red lipsticks. I still like a nice defined eye makeup tho, but not too in-your-face so it doesn't compete with the bold lips. Effeto nudo has been my go-to palette for the whole month; it's so easy to use and the lovely creamy texture totally rocks my socks off every.single.time.

OCC Lip tar Super NSFW 
An impulse buy for the Holidays. Super NSFW is a gorgeous slightly blue-ish red with metallic gold hues. Somehow, despite the metallic finish, is not too over the top and I think I'll be able to wear it a lot, even after the end of the Holidays season. The formula is crazy: insanely pigmented, long lasting, fully opaque in one coat. Simply stunning. I need to put my hands on more shades ASAP.

OCC Skin concealer
One of the best concealers I've ever tried. Almost full coverage but with the most natural finish and quite long lasting, even if I still need to set it under my eyes. Beautiful, beautiful texture. A more in depth review will be coming soon.

What were your favorites last month?


Happy 2013 & New Year resolutions

gennaio 01, 2013

Happy new year everyone! I hope you had a lovely night.

Picture from google images
As 2013 is finally here it's time to draw conclusions about last year and think of new achievements for the future. Last year I gave myself three beauty goals and I'm glad to say I managed to fulfill 2 and 1/2 of them: I became more responsible with my purchases, I tried to go through my stash more often than before and I only bought 4 lip glosses out of the 5 I allowed myself to pick. Unfortunately it didn't go that well in the nail polish department but I'm satisfied with what I've done anyways. I took some time to think about my new goals and this is what I came out with:

Blog organization
I need to become more organized and start planning my posts in advance. In 2012 I got into the bad habit of procrastinating and missing some posts that I really wanted to write because I didn't have the time to take decent pictures or I simply forgot about them at some point. I'd also wanted to do a blog-every-day-of-the-month kinda thing for a while now and I don't want to delay the project anymore.
Do fotd and makeup look posts
Dad got me an amazing camera for Christmas and now I can finally work on my photographic skills taking better pictures of swatches and nail arts and hopefully decent photos of my makeup looks since some of you requested them. I just need to figure out the best setting/lighting to do so.

Stick to the gloss ban and limit myself in the nail polish department
Since it worked out so well I want to keep up with my lipgloss ban; at the end of the day I'm more of a lipstick girl and I end up buying glosses simply because they look pretty in the tube. I also need to buy nail polish with moderation. I figured that I can't pre-establish a definite number of varnishes I can purchase but I can at least try not to buy everything that looks nice on an impulse without thinking that maybe I already own something similar.

Figure out a better more user friendly makeup organization system
My makeup collection takes up a lot of space and instead of simply putting stuff where it fits I want to figure out a nice storage system, maybe investing in some good quality furniture.

Any advice?
Best of luck with your resolutions!