Notd: Essie Bikini so teeny

aprile 27, 2013

Essie Bikini so teeny £8.99/€12 - 2 coats
Some shades make instantly spring and Bikini so teeny is definitely one of those.
It's a light sky blue with a bit of a lilac undertone and tiny silver glitters that you can only notice from up close. It's such a weird color, both bright and muted at once, like it's trying to be neon and dusty at the same time. It's one of the coolest nail polishes I own; I don't think there's anything quite like this on the market.
Application is a bit of a nightmare, but some reviews I found online make me think I picked up a jinxed bottle, 'cause no one else seems to find the formula a bit weird. The first layer goes on streaky and blotchy no matter how careful I am. It's quite frustrating actually; it's so pretty but it looks almost beyond hope. But then somehow the second layer goes on smoothly and evens out everything. It's definitely worth the effort I think; it's such a beautiful shade, but, ew, it's also flipping annoying.
Once you go past the application issues is a lovely shade. It lasts up to 7 days on my nails like other Essie polishes and it's an absolute showstopper. It's one of my favorite nail polishes for spring and summer and I'd love to see it in the permanent line, maybe reformulated and with the new brush.

Did you try it? Did you find the formula a bit weird?
Do you know any dupe for it?


Quick reviews: Foundation remix #4

aprile 25, 2013

foundation reviews3
Clarins Skin Perfecting BB Cream // Jouer Cosmetics Matte Moisture Tint // MAC Mineralize Moisture spf15 Foundation // Origins VitaZing Sheer Tint Release spf15 Energy Boosting Moisturizer
001 More than a BB cream, this is a thick tinted moisturizer with light to medium coverage and a gorgeous radiant finish. It smells like heaven and it has pretty decent lasting power without a primer underneath or a setting powder on top. It feels slightly heavier than your standard tinted moisturizer; I can actually feel it on my skin if it makes sense, like a foundation, but it's still nice to wear. Bonus points for the spf25, perfect for the warmer season. It comes in 3 shades and if you can find the right match for your skin, this BB cream is definitely worth a try.

002 I tried a sample of this and ordered the full size on CultBeauty right away. Given the name you'd expect a matte tinted moisturizer, instead Matte Moisture Tint is a light foundation with medium coverage, a soft texture and amazing staying power. The name is entirely misleading because it's not opaque at all, but looks extremely natural and glowy like healthy skin. It reminds me of a lighter, more spring-appropriate version of the Laura Mercier Silk crème foundation - my number one base at the moment -. I can't wait to get my order to start wearing it! The weather gets warmer and warmer everyday and I'm looking forward to switch to a fresher and lighter everyday makeup routine.

003 I've wanted to try this since the latest fashion weeks, when many makeup artists around the globe raved about it, but at the same time I was really dubious, 'cause - with the exception of F&B - MAC liquid bases break me out like crazy and I can't really wear them. I haven't tried the previous version and I can't really tell if or how this one is different, but the new Mineralize foundation is stunning. Glowy and radiant, easy to blend, light on the skin and with decent lasting power. It's a moisturizing foundation so I'd stay away from it if you have oily skin, but it's such a relief for my dry complexion! Also the shades look less pink and yellow to me, and more neutral with cool or warm undertones, so extra brownie points for the color range. I can't wait to tan a little in the next months to buy it in the shade NC15.

004 Here I'm cheating a little, 'cause VitaZing is not a foundation by any means. It's actually a lovely, energy-boosting moisturizer with just a hint of tint in it, not enough to cover imperfections but sufficient to even out the skin tone a bit. I think it'd be great on holiday or for the pool, if you need to help your skin tone a bit but obviously don't want to cake on too many products. When applied right before foundation gives a nice glow to the skin and makes the application of the base so much easier and flawless. I also feel like I need to apply less foundation when I wear this underneath it and my base stays perfect for longer. And the extra spf15 comes in handy when applied under photo-ready foundations like the Laura Mercier Silk crème. I'll definitely buy the full size when my deluxe sample runs out. It makes my skin feel and look so great.

Have you tried something new lately?
Do you own any of these products?


MAC Lovelorn lipstick

aprile 24, 2013

MAC Lovelorn Lipstick £14/€18.50
No matter how many times I browse the lipstick racks in a MAC store, I always manage to find something pretty and worth buying. Bless Back2MAC, that's all I have to say on the matter.
During my last visit I swapped my empties for Lovelorn, a medium blue pink. It's such a hard shade to convey in a picture, because it comes out bluer than it is in real life. It's very pretty, the perfect pick-me up pink for fresh, easy looks. It suits my skin tone quite well and makes me look instantly healthier and brighter, especially when paired with a pink blush. It's my go-to lip product for an English rose look.
MAC Lustre finish is one of my favorites: it's extremely moisturizing and glossy and so comfortable to wear. My lips are always so dry and this lipstick feels just like a balm. It's sheer but also easily buildable and lasts very well on me, probably thanks to the nourishing formula.

I do think is a must have shade and I can't believe it took me so long to notice it in the lot. It's not as eye-catching as other famous shades but it's gorgeous nonetheless.
What do you think?


LUSH Charity Pot

aprile 20, 2013

LUSH Charity pot 100g £6.95/€10
It's no secret that I love shopping for beauty products, and even if I try really hard to restrain myself, some brands are just too tempting to hold back. Lately LUSH has become one of those brands: walking out of a LUSH shop without a bag gets harder and harder every time. Of course I'm always happy to sacrifice myself in the name of this blog, but I can't help feeling a bit guilty for my quickly-emptying piggy bank.
Thanks to my latest LUSH-ious purchase, tho, I stepped out of the store completely guilt-free, simply feeling pleased with myself. Charity pot body lotion is the kind of product that allows you to do something good for someone else while satisfying your inner shoppingholic at the same time.

Charity pot is a light, loose lotion which is easy to apply and sinks in quickly without residues. It's a multi-tasking product that can be used all over the body, hands included, since it's not greasy at all. I do believe it can also be used as a facial moisturizer, but personally I'd use it only at night 'cause the rich formula might interfere with makeup.
The light texture and fast absorbing properties make it perfect for spring and the warmer months. Skin feels soft and deeply moisturized, and you won't have to wait to wear your clothes afterwards.
I'm not so keen on the scent.  It's a little odd to be honest: with all the flower extracts and the almond oil I was expecting something fresher and floral; instead it's quite a heavy, chocolate-y scent mostly because of the fairtrade organic cocoa butter. It's not unpleasant by any means - apparently it smells like Turkish delight and I know many people love it - but I'd prefer something lighter and crispier. This sent in a way is very wintery.

As it happens with MAC Viva Glam lipsticks, every single penny you pay for a pot - except for VATs that go to the government - is donated to various charities all around the world to support animal and human rights and environmental protection.
And speaking of environment and recycling, don't forget to keep your empties: if you bring 5 black pots back to any LUSH store you'll get a fresh face mask for free. The gift that keeps on giving, you see.

As I said I'm not completely sold on the scent and next time I'd like to try something else, but Charity pot is something I'll definitely keep in mind especially when looking for a gift.
Have you tried Charity pot?
What's your favorite LUSH product?


On my wishlist this week #11

aprile 17, 2013

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy glow powder // Burberry Body Tender eau de toilette // Zara Office City bag Brown // Dior Bird of Paradise Vernis duo Samba/Bahia // Living Proof Full Thickening cream
001 Lisa Eldridge is the one to blame for good part of the Chanel products that make it to my wishlist and this is once again the case: she introduced Les Beiges Poudre Belle Mine Naturelle in one of her latest videos and within 5 minutes I was already looking for a stockist. Chanel shade availability in Italy is always a huge issue, since the lightest shades - 10 and 20 - rarely reach our counters but I'll keep my fingers crossed, because this powder looks lovely on the skin.

002 The original Body EDT has been my signature scent for fall/winter so of course I had to try the newest spring edition. Body Tender is lighter and crispier than the original version, with a citrusy twist that makes you instantly think of spring. It's still elegant and sophisticated, but much more youthful and fresher.

003 Let me shake my fist up at the sky and curse Zara for a second here, because my helpless crush for their handbags has just reached the point of absurdity. Only 4 days ago I purchased the gorgeous Shopper With Braided Handles in nude and I'm already lusting over another bag. Everyone seem to be going crazy over the black version of the Office City Bag but I like the caramel one so much more. At first I brushed it off as 'too formal' but it looks awfully smarter in real life. Is there a support group or something for this kind of obsessions?

004 The Bird of Paradise collection is truly gorgeous and so exciting compared to other spring/summer collections - like NARS Summer shock to name one - that fall a bit flat in my opinion. I love pinks and corals like the next person but we've seen them everywhere lately; this peacock blue and bamboo green explosion is so refreshing. The eyeshadow palette looks very pretty as well but I'm not sure I'll get many uses out of it; the nail polishes on the other hand are perfect for those who like to play safer like your truly here.

005 With the Prime Style Extender has been love at first use and now I'm looking forward to try something else from the Living Proof range. Full Thickening Cream promises instant volume without making your hair look and feel stiff, keeping them soft and lightweight instead. I don't know about you but all the volumizing products I've tried left my hair feeling crunchy and a bit sticky, so this styling cream does sound really appealing.

What you've been lusting on this week?


Tag: The most oftens

aprile 08, 2013

I really enjoy posts like this or 'products I've used up' kinda videos 'cause you get to see what people actually use in real life and not simply test for blogging purposes. Personally I try out a lot of things but not many products end up in my daily makeup bag or I'd purchase again once I've finished them up. This post/tag features some of my everyday makeup bits, the fail-proof products I reach for when I'm in a hurry or when I know I'm going to stay out all day with next to nothing chances for touch-ups and I need to know for sure they're going to stay in place and do their job.

001. Foundation
Usually I'm so changeable when it comes to foundations, but since I purchased it I've been wearing the Laura Mercier Silk crème foundation every single day without fail. It looks so nice, glowy and healthy, lasts all day on my skin and the color match was made in heaven. Dear Sheer glow, you've been deposed.

002. Concealer
Lately I've been trying tons of different under-eye concealers, but OCC Skin concealer has been a staple in my routine for months now. Almost full coverage, natural looking and long lasting. I can't leave without it anymore.

003. Setting powder
Clarins Ever matte powder, which I recently reviewed here, kicked MAC MSF natural out of my makeup bag after a four-years-long love story. It's demi-matte but so natural and I know that is going to make my foundation and concealer look perfect all day, without need for touch-ups.

004. Blush
Deep throat is my favorite blush of all time. The shade is perfect for my skin tone; it's not too pink or too orange therefore it complements both cool toned and warmer looks. NARS says Orgasm is the universally flattering shade, but I'd pick Deep throat over it any day.

005. Eye primer
Eye basics in Flax is the perfect mix of a primer and a light concealer: makes any eyeshadow last all day and corrects any discoloration with a lovely satin finish that looks like skin. So much better than more famous primers on the market.

006. Palette
Urban decay Naked palette is the kind of product I have to hide from time to time because I tend to reach for it everyday therefore neglecting the rest of my collection but somehow it sneaks back into my makeup bag every single time.

007. Eyeshadow
Alone as a wash of color; in the crease paired with Naked lunch; smoked out with Quarry; Satin taupe is one of the prettiest, most versatile eyeshadows out there, period.

008. Cream eyeshadow
On and on bronze has quickly become one of my everyday staples. I used it as a base under powder eyeshadows or alone ad a wash of color. It looks great paired with bright lipsticks because it gives definition without competing with the bold lip.

009. Mascara
Larger than life volumizing is my favorite mascara of all time. Holds the curl all day even on my stubborn, straight lashes, it's easily buildable and doesn't flake or budge no matter what.

010. Lipgloss/lipstick
I adore the ultra glossy and moisturizing formula of YSL Sheer candies. The lightest shades are practically invisible but #6 and #7 are quite pigmented and give that 'I just ate a basket of cherries' kinda look. And the smell is simply gorgeous.

What are your most used products?
If you are going to do this tag be sure to live a link to your post in the comment section below. I'd love reading your answers.


Review: Benefit Fake up crease control hydrating concealer

aprile 03, 2013

Benefit Fake up crease control hydrating concealer 01 Light £18.50/€25.50
Yes, you read that right. Crease control and hydrating, all rolled together in the same sentence. Sci-fy, isn't it? I thought so too, but I had to change my mind after trying this.
Fake up is the newest addiction to Benefit's concealer family and claims to hide dark circles and diffuse fine lines while keeping skin hydrates for at least 6 hours. It's the most unique looking concealer I've ever seen, with a concealer core enclosed by a balmy serum enriched with Vitamin E and apple seed extract. It comes in 3 shades: Light, Medium and Dark.

Benefit knows a thing or two about cute packaging and Fake up's is definitely a hit. I really like the shiny silver bullet with shocking pink details; it's practical but feminine and fun at the same time.
Fake up is super easy to apply: simply swipe it under the eyes straight from the bullet and the put your ring finger at work, dabbing and blending upwards and toward the outer corner of the eye. The creamy formula and the balmy one blend seamlessly together and set to a dewy, radiant finish for a fresh and well-rested look. It has a 'No, I don't wear concealer, I was simply blessed with amazing skin and no dark circles at all, thank you very much' feel to it, something I've been looking for all my life.
If I'm wearing a demi-matte foundation I set it with a light dust of Laura Mercier Secret brightening powder to tie everything in, but otherwise I leave it alone and simply enjoy the glowy finish and the silky texture. On me it last 6 to 8 hours without need for touch-ups and I couldn't notice any creasing with or without powder. I also noticed an improvement in the texture of the skin around the eye area: it feels softer and looks better in general. So, actual skin care benefits in addition to the corrective action. It's really an impressive formula.
It's not a heavy-duty concealer by any means. The coverage is medium, so it's not going to cut it for very dark circles and serious discoloration. I also like to use it to conceal that little bit of redness around the nose where I have very dry skin and sometimes even some annoying flakiness no matter how much I moisturize. It's too sheer to cover blemishes tho, so for spot concealing I'll continue to reach for something more pigmented.
I'd skip it if you have oily skin because this concealer might be too rich for you. On the other hand Fake up should work wonderfully on more mature ladies and dehydrated complexions.

Will you give it a go?