Fab Five: Favourite Drugstore Concealers

novembre 27, 2013

Revlon Colorstay Concealer // Collection  Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer // Revlon Photoready Concealer // Bourjois Healthy Mix Radiance & Anti-fatigue Concealer // Bourjois Happy Light Ultra-covering Concealer
I don't usually venture down supermarket aisles for my makeup, especially when it comes down to foundations and concealers; sensitive skin and cheap products don't usually go well together and I should probably add that the typical drugstore shade range doesn't embrace ghostly-pale complexions like mine too often. However I do own some wallet-pleasing gems that I collected along the way, and some of them are definitely well loved and even part of my daily routine.
Stick concealers are not my first choice for my particular skin type - they tend to be quite drying and look heavy on me -, however they are perfect for oilier complexions and a great resource for bad skin days. The Revlon Photoready Concealer (£6.49)'s high coverage formula is thick and creamy, almost hard to blend but perfect for spot concealing. I wouldn't use it on larger areas or around the eyes because it still looks a bit too obvious for my liking and those who love a radiant finish should definitely look away, but it does the job and lasts very well throughout the day. Also from Revlon, the Colorstay Concealer (£6.99) is a good option for dry complexions and radiant skin lovers. It's quite luminous, therefore it could not be the smartest choice if you're looking to cover raised spots, but on the other hand is brilliant for the under-eyes and for scars and hyperpigmentation. The coverage is high enough to conceal even the most stubborn dark circles and as the name suggests it stays put for many hours without budging or looking dry and cakey.

Everyone and their grandmothers have probably heard of the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19). I gave in to the hype a few months ago and let me tell you, it was love at very first swipe. For such a light consistency, the pigmentation is really amazing. It blends well, lasts all day and is uber easy to build for the ultimate flawless coverage. I find it a little too dry to use for my dark circles but it does wonders on any blemish and discolouration and it has quickly become a staple of mine.
A great all-arounder, that works well on both imperfections and darkness under the eyes, is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer (£7.99). This is like a high-end concealer disguised inside a cheap packaging, with an extra fruit therapy boost to improve radiance and micro circulation. I'm totally in love with the fruit salad scent and the light-as-air texture. It blends seamlessly, providing great coverage and a super natural appearance, in a 'my skin but better' kind of way. The neutral yellow-ish undertones work well at counteracting redness and brightening as well.

Finally, the most recent addition to my concealer stash is a bit of a bitter sweet find. As the packaging states, the Bourjois Happy Light Ultra-covering Concealer (£8.99) delivers an amazing coverage which is medium to full, depending on the application method. Consistency is quite dense, almost waxy, and I find it's best applied with fingertips, to warm the product up and blend it more easily. It lasts a very long time and doesn't move around or build up into fine lines. It makes the skin look really soft and supple, with an inner radiance that looks very nice particularly in the under-eye area. I do like this concealer a lot; the problem is it only comes in two shades, 22 Beige Rose and 21 Ivoire, which is the lightest of the two and the one I picked up, assuming it would match my 51 Healthy Mix Foundation. Unfortunately it's a bit darker than that - it settles between 51 and 52, I'd say - and requires a lot of blending to look good on my lighter base. Bourjois really needs to work on the shade range, which is definitely not as good as the products themselves at this stage.

Have you tried any of these concealers? Do you have a favourite in the high-street range?


Quick Reviews: Foundation Remix #5

novembre 11, 2013

foundation reviews4
Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup // MAC Matchmaster Foundation Spf15 // Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation // YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum Foundation
001 I've wanted to try the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation (£25.50) for the longest time but I only got it sampled quite recently. It's nice and light, easy to blend and with buildable coverage. It sets to a stunning skin-like finish that is flawless indeed and lasts very well on my skin. I also really appreciate the spf30 PA+++ that makes it perfect for everyday use, especially during the warmer months due to the lightweight texture. Not only pros though. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the shade range runs very yellow - which may or may not be an issue for some - and the lightest shade is not so light after all. Shame, because I really liked it.

002 I had a little bit of a love/hate relationship with MAC Matchmaster Foundation (£27) for a while, until I figured out how to make it work for my skin. This foundation is best suited for combination and oily skins, but with the right prepping and a smart application it works well for dry complexions as well. It provides medium coverage with a demi-matte finish but what makes this foundation stand out is the lasting power. For such a light formula - compared to other MAC foundations - it lasts for ages on me and doesn't look cakey or too obvious. I like to apply it with a blending sponge (like the RT Miracle Sponge) to achieve a natural flawless finish and push it into the skin rather than buff it in to avoid skin flaking. The colour range is quite good, especially compared to the rest of MAC's selection: it's available in 14 shades with very soft undertones and a lot of neutral shades. I wear 1.0 which settles around a MAC N8/N10.

003 Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (£34.50) is my latest crush within the foundation department. Lovely luminous finish, silky texture and lightweight formula are only the first features that come to my mind when I try to describe this foundation. The constantly-improving shade range is marvelous, with light shades for pale ladies like me and a lot of in-between shades to please everyone. It photographs beautifully and looks simply amazing on the skin. No cons for this one, except maybe for the price tag but it's not bad enough to affect my devotion. Oh my, I fell and I fell hard. Next product on my to-try list is its powder counterpart, the Luminous Silk Powder (£31). Bankrupt but with beautiful skin at least, right? Right.

004 The YSL Youth Liberator Foundation (£34) is a gorgeous moisturizing base that sets to a satin, velvety look but still manages to look oh so glowy. I adore the lit-from-within luminosity and the uber healthy finish it has. Expensive skin in a bottle, that's it. And yes, the bottle itself is quite expensive but treatment makeup is always worth the splurge in my opinion. Coverage wise I'd say it settles around medium, definitely higher than what I anticipated. Lasting power is not outstanding but that's to be expected from a moisturizing base and it's nothing a light dust of setting powder can't fix. Price aside, the only downside I could find is the colour range: it's only available in 7 shades, with random beige, pink and golden undertones. I recommend getting a sample first but if there's a shade for you, you can sit with me and wait for a discount code. I'm splurging, ladies.

Have you tried any of these products? Any foundation I should absolutely try?
Do you have any request for the next quick reviews post?


Faby The Desert Rose

novembre 10, 2013

Faby The Desert Rose £11/€13* // Faby Season's Greetins Shirley!! £11/€13*
I'm slowly working my way through the pile of new arrivals that recently joined my already overflowing nail polish box, and one I've been loving a lot lately is Faby The Desert Rose (£11)*, a creamy pinkish nude with a foundation feel to it.
I got a lot of use of it in the past months for my toes and hands as well. I started wearing it at the end of the summer for put-together but not too fancy toes as the weather was getting a little crazy and I couldn't wear open shoes too often; however I still wanted to be prepared for any last drag of summer and the cheap-resistant formula worked pretty well at that stage. Since it's slightly darker than my skin tone, it gives that refined 'mannequin' effect without actually looking weird or too artificial. I also find nude shades like this one particularly beautiful on short nails because they make fingers and nails appear longer, therefore has quickly become my go-to shade for work.

The Desert Rose is super creamy but doesn't apply streaky. The formula is long lasting and incredibly pigmented and the firm but flexible brush makes application absolutely fool-proof.

Here I wanted to dress it up a little bit for an even and I paired with an accent finger sprinkled with Faby Season's Greetins Shirley!! (£11)* - a clear base jam-packed with gold specks-. It's like golden tinsel in a bottle, perfect for the Holiday season.

Have you tried the Faby range yet? I've got a few other pretty shades to show you, so keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming nail posts.
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October Favourites

novembre 03, 2013

Faby The Desert Rose Nail Laquer * // Nails Inc. Porchester Square Nail Polish // Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow // Clinique Chubby Stick For Eyes in Lavish Lilac * // Origins palnscription Anti-aging Concealer // Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation #02 // Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge // MAC RiRi Hearts Bad Girl Gone Good Powder Blush
Surprisingly, no skincare product made it to the cut this time - what a shocker -, but only because I've been using the same ol' stuff for pretty much all of October. However I've found some amazing makeup and nail gems in the last few weeks. Once again the key word is 'glowy'.

After hunting down the right shade for weeks I finally purchased the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (£34.50). It's a beautiful base with a light-as-air texture that provides medium coverage and has a fantastic satin skin-like finish. The name is quite spot on actually, as it leaves the skin soft and smooth like silk and it's luminous and glowy like healthy complexion. It's the kind of foundation you can apply sparingly only where needed because it blends seamlessly, melting with the skin. I like to apply it with a dense buffing brush to get the best out of the coverage or with my new blending sponge for an air-brushed finish. The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (£4.99) is such a great, affordable find and probably my favourite purchase of the month. The shape is simply brilliant. It's so great for a quick base because you can use it to apply everything: the flat side is perfect to pack on foundation and build up the coverage, while the pointy end reaches every hard-to-reach spot and pushes concealer right onto the blemishes; finally the rounded side diffuses and blends in cream blush and highlighter, and even powder, if you're feeling particularly lazy. I've always wanted to try the Beauty Blender but honestly, I'm so happy with this sponge I don't feel the need to splurge anymore.

For the eyes, the Origins Plantscription Anti-aging concealer (£17) has officially taken the place of NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer inside my heart and my makeup bag as well. The formula is superb: it's moisturizing but doesn't budge, crease or settle into fine lines. It gives great coverage, looks fresh all day long and, thanks to a hint of brightening salmon, corrects and conceals any blueness in just one swipe. I'm seriously impressed with this concealer.
Next up, the Clinique Chubby Stick For Eyes in 09 Lavish Lilac (£17)* is my go-to product for lazy makeup days, because I can simply slap it on without any need for a primer and blur it at the edges with my ring finger. It's a rich metallic lavender that really makes my eyes pop and it's easy to build up for the most effortless smokey look.

I feel like I've been talking about the MAC RiRi Hearts Bad Girl Gone Good Powder Blush (£20) fair too much lately but I haven't put it down since I bought it. Its satin finish gives a lovely healthy glow to the cheeks and the coppery peach shade instantly warms up the complexion. Also, because it's a little bit darker than my usual peaches, it gives definition and structure to my face as well. Another newbie that has earned a place in my everyday routine is the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow (£49). I'm not sure I can convey how awesome these powders are.  The Highlight side is a buttery-soft champagne beige that gives the most flattering candlelight glow to the cheekbones, whereas Sculpt is a neutral based bronzer with a barely-there shimmer running through it. Both blend so well with the skin and define without looking synthetic and artificial. I can't recommend this duo enough.

On to nails, I've fallen in love with nude shades all over again. I've been wearing Faby The Desert Rose (£11)* on my toes for almost two months in a row and I've been reaching for it for my hands as well lately. It's a simple yet sophisticated rose nude polish with an amazing formula and great wear, that looks stunning on its own or with a light dust of gold glitters on top. Another shade that has been gracing my paws recently is Nails Inc. Porchester Square (£11), an all time favourite of mine. I'd describe it as a pale mink with grey and lilac undertones. Every time I wear it I can't stop staring at my nails and it's one of the few shades I can wear many times in a row without getting bored. I really love this one.

Is there anything you've tried or you'd like to try in here?
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