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A trip to Lush is obviously a fantastic treat all year round, but when the Halloween range hits the shelves it seems more appropriate then ever. As it always happen, I popped in to have a quick look around and left with an unmistakably lighter purse, a bag full of deliciously scented goodies and lots of dreamy baths in mind. Halloween is serious business at Lush and every single year without fail their bath collection has me bounce with excitement all the way to the till. I had to restrain myself a little, as my stash back at home was nearly overflowing already, but here are my picks.

The one cult classic I always feel drawn to is Lord of Misrule Shower cream (£4.95), truly a must-buy for any spicy scent-lover. It's smoky and peppery, with an added touch of vanilla to lift the herbal notes and make it a bit more mystical. The new formula is creamier than ever, it bubbles up like a dream - it doubles up as a bubble bath, in fact - and feels lovely on the skin. With its cozy scent that lingers around the house for hours afterwards, it's the perfect companion for a warming shower at the end of a long day.

Despite being a total shower gal, every once in a while I do crave a dip in a bathtub full of beautifully scented hot water and a colourful bath bomb frizzing around. On a whim I picked up Pumpkin Bath Bomb (£3.95) that stole my heart with its sharp zesty fragrance. This must be the most intensely fragranced bomb I've ever encountered - you can seriously smell orange and ginger through the paper bag and from the other side of the room. I can't wait to dump it in my bath tonight!
I also snatched a cute Monster's Ball (£4.25) after seeing it in action in the store. To be fair this doesn't smell very autumnal - it's rather floral actually, with hints of fruitiness -, but is absolutely adorable with that little eye made of cocoa butter that floats around over the moisturizing purple water.

If you love tons and tons of bubbles, grab yourself a Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble bar (£3.95), or three, and get mentally ready to find gold glitters everywhere for the next six months. So worth it, though. This adorable little pumpkin is not only very Instagram friendly, but feels uber energizing and uplifting thanks to the lime, grapefruit and juniperberry mix.  Plus, the cheerful mandarin orange water is simply perfect to brighten a foggy day.

Finally, I couldn't just leave little Boo Bath Melt (£3.95) alone on the shelf. This was my first time trying a Lush bath melt and I must say that I'm in obsessed. The clean, slightly soapy scent is right up my alley - it's a warming concoction of mimosa, ginger and sandalwood that melts away stress and tension and is incredibly soothing - and it left my skin feeling amazing, soft and nourished, and ready for soft pyjamas and a good night of sleep. It's the ultimate indulgence for dry skin gals like me.

Have you tried any of these bath treats? What are your plans for the scariest night of the year?
Be right back, the bathtub is not going to fill itself...


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  1. L'anno scorso ho comprato anche io qualche prodotto di Halloween (il set con la palla-zucca che campeggia ancora nel mio bagno) e lo spumante da bagno a forma di zucca mi aveva deluso perché non faceva molta schiuma. Però il profumo ha invaso il mio piccolo bagno per mesi!
    Ho super voglia di andare a svaligiare una bottega, quando ci vediamo mi sa che sarai testimone di questo gesto.

  2. some of the unique and exceptional bath treat ideas i have ever seen.:) well, my wife like these kinds of bath accessories. i hope she will like to purchase some soon:)

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