February Glossybox - first impressions

febbraio 27, 2012

Dopo i packaging limited edition di Natale e San Valentino, con la scatola di Febbraio torniamo al classico packaging rosa pallido e nero. Il tema di questa box, come suggerisce il Glossyteam tramite la card inclusa, è la guerra al grigiore invernale tramite un concentrato di energia e 5 prodotti, di cui 2 makeup e 3 per la cura del corpo - se non avete mai sentito parlare di Glossybox e volete saperne di più potete dare un’occhiata al mio post sulla box di Ottobre e al sito Glossybox.it -.
Ecco il contenuto di questo mese:
NEVE COSMETICS Pastello - biomatita occhi che ho ricevuto nel colore Melanzana. Full size del valore di €4.80.
MURAD Skin Perfecting primer – dewy finish – Primer colorato per minimizzare le imperfezioni e donare radiosità all’incarnato. 5ml.
PRIMA SPREMITURA Shampoo normalizzante – formula all’olio di oliva toscano bio per donare brillantezza e leggerezza. 30ml.
PRIMA SPREMITURA Crema fluida idratante – idratante corpo per donare morbidezza alla pelle, a base di Olio d’oliva. 30ml.
PRIMA SPREMITURA Sapone all’olio d’oliva – sapone detergente con l’aggiunta di olio d’oliva per aumentarne le capacità idratanti. 30ml.

NotD Burberry pattern nails

febbraio 24, 2012

I wanted to create something special in honor of Milan fashion week but I was lacking in time, so I decided to try a water decal with the well-known Burberry pattern. Isn’t it pretty?

The decal itself was quite easy to use, even if it was my first time: after giving myself a manicure as usual, I cut roughly the decals then dropped one at a time into a bowl of cold water. After 10-20 seconds I picked them with an orange stick and applied on the nails. You get plenty of time to play around and find the right position, then you let them dry and file off the excess.

Chanel Glossimer #131 Mica review & swatches

febbraio 22, 2012

From the moment I decided to put myself on a lip gloss ban, I’ve been very careful and diligent with my shopping. Last Saturday I bought the second of the five glosses I’m allowing myself to buy this year; it was kind of an impulse buy but I couldn’t really resist, and hopefully after seeing the pictures you’ll understand why.

Mica #131 came out for the first time with the Lumiére celestes collection for summer 2009 and then again in 2010 with the Holiday collection and now, I think, is part of the permanent collection.

It’s a sheer milky pink base packed with pink, purple and teal shimmer. It reminds me of MAC Baby sparks dazzleglass but with tinier, more subtle, shimmer flecks. It’s a very sophisticated kind of shimmer, with fine sparkle but still quite rich looking.

Le offerte di Febbraio (Italy only)

febbraio 18, 2012

Torno adesso da un giro per profumerie per ritirare tutta una serie di omaggi imperdibili. Ecco il bottino:

Per prima cosa, le promozioni ancora in corso:
Portando in profumeria un vecchio fondotinta (o terminato) di un marchio qualsiasi, riceverete in cambio un kit per 3 giorni di prova del fondotinta ideale per voi. La scelta è tra il famoso Superbalanced - per pelli secche e miste, un fondotinta a lunga tenuta che si adatta al tipo di pelle nelle varie zone del viso -, l’Even better - per chi ha cicatrici, pelle tendente all’acne e macchie – e il Repairwear laser focus – per le pelli mature e per combattere i segni del tempo -. Il kit consiste in 3 bustine da 1,5 ml. Ho scelto il Superbalanced che volevo provare da un po’ per il kit e la colorazione è 05 Vanilla, e l’ho scambiato con un vecchissimo fondotinta Coastal Scents che aveva superato il PAO da un secolo.
La promozione è valida per tutto il mese di Febbraio fino ad esaurimento scorte, in profumeria (io sono andata da Limoni).
Con tutto il passaparola che c’è stato, se ancora non sapete di questa promozione probabilmente vivete in una caverna: con l’offerta 1 Fan 1 smalto è possibile diventare fan di Pupa su Facebook e scaricare un coupon nominativo che vi permetterà di ricevere gratuitamente uno smalto della collezione Lasting colors (esclusi limited edition) del valore di 5,90€ nella profumeria aderente all'iniziativa più vicina a casa vostra.
Ho scelto il colore M090, ad occhio abbastanza simile a June di Chanel, che non ho ancora acquistato per paura che non s’intonasse al colore della mia pelle.
La promozione è valida fino al 27 Febbraio.
Elle magazineIo sono abbonata, quindi mi arriverà in automatico, ma mi dicono che nel numero di Marzo, ora in edicola, dovrebbe esserci una minitaglia del mascara DIOR Show di Dior appunto.
Purtroppo non trovo più la pagina da cui scaricare il coupon, quindi tremo che la promozione sia terminata. Comunque, fino al 23 Febbraio presentando il coupon nominativo nel Coin di vostra scelta, potete ritirare una graziosa minitaglia da 5ml del nuovo fondotinta Teint Idole Ultra 24h nella tonalità 03, fino ad esaurimento scorte.
Avete altre promozioni da segnalare?

MAC Subtle breeze & Early morning Mineralize blushes review

febbraio 17, 2012

There’s always that one product that stands out in a collection, the one that no one should ever miss, but in the Naturally collection case there are three – Subtle breeze, Fresh honey and Early morning -, the three mineralize blushes.

Subtle breeze is a blue based pink with cool undertones, while Early morning is a medium pinkish coral with some red in it.
The initial plan, heading for the store, was to buy Fresh honey, the third blush form this collection. It looked amazing in the online swatches – and it’s beautiful indeed: a warm yellow based apricot – but unfortunately in real life it looked way to orange on my pale skin. I think it’d look gorgeous on darker skin tones but it stood out too much on me.

NotD ft Vivalanails nail stickers

febbraio 13, 2012

Since this week I'll have to babysit a baby girl, I decided to shorten my nails a little and go for a natural, not-so-prone-to-chipping nail look.

I used a nail polish from the Kardashian Kolors collection, Kim-plitely in Love – a soft girly pink packed with duochrome fine glitters – and something that I haven’t used since 8th grade, nail stickers.

MAC Mineralize spf15 foundation loose review

febbraio 10, 2012

Since I enjoyed the Laura Mercier Mineral powder so much, I decided to give a try to MAC’s new arrival too: for Spring 2012 MAC reformulated an old base, the Mineralize foundation loose – and thank god, because the old packaging was simply absurd –, also adding a couple of new shades, and created a brand new line of concealers to go with it.

As usual it can be used both as foundation and as setting powder.
At first the coverage was a little tricky: it’s buildable but you need the right brush. The Illamasqua blush brush for instance is to fluffy and doesn’t work well with it, but using a 109 or a Sigma F82 round top kabuki I was able to build it till a medium coverage – even if I think you need to use more product than you would with the LM foundation -.

MAC 286 Duo fibre blending brush review

febbraio 07, 2012

As you may know by now I’m an avid collector of makeup brushes and as soon as I heard that MAC was releasing a brand new piece I was ready to jump on it.

If it looks familiar, it’s because it was previously released as part of a SE brush set in the Ice Parade 2011 Holiday collection in the usual short handle version.
MAC describes the 286 as a soft dome shaped, two-toned duo-fibre brush of goat and synthetic fibres that provides a sheer, more controlled application of M·A·C Mineralize Eye Shadow. To me it looks like the perfect hybrid between the 222 and the 226: resilient fibres and pointy shape with the softness and the amazing application skills of the other duo fibres.

Laura Mercier Mineral powder spf15 review

febbraio 06, 2012

Never been a fan of powder foundations with dry skin and a little hate for matte finish, and after the awful experience with the Bare Minerals foundation – oh, god, just thinking of it makes me cringe – I wouldn’t have touched a mineral foundation with a stick. MAC MSFs are as far as I’ve gone on that road. Until I found this.

Laura Mercier Mineral powder is a finely milled powder that can be used on it’s own as a foundation or as setting powder, on top of the base – it looks lovely above tinted moisturizers -.

Tag: 7 Deadly beauty sins

febbraio 03, 2012

A couple of days ago I stumbled on another fun tag on ttsandra’s YT channel.
At first I thought it was the usual unforgivable makeup crimes thing, but this one is better and fairly new, I think. As usual I tag everyone, because I’m awfully nosy.


The cheapest product I own is this little ELF eyeshadow palette – 1£ in Butternut -. Shades and color payoff are pretty good and it’s the right size to keep in the makeup bag I carry with me in my purse in case I need to put my makeup on the go or for emergency.
I was rummaging in my kit for the most expensive product and I realized it’s my everyday MAC eyeshadow palette: 26 eyeshadows, 11€ each, plus the palette itself. Whoa.

January favorites

febbraio 01, 2012

Time for my monthly favorites. This month I've been trying a lot of different things, color combinations and a new skincare line.