MAC prep + prime skin refined zone

aprile 30, 2012

You know that feeling, when you want to like something and try really hard to love it but it just doesn’t work?
When this product first came out I was really excited: I was still in the middle of my MAC crush – when I wanted to try and own everything – and, even if I don’t have issues with my pores, I was intrigued by the idea.

It promises to refine skin texture and reduce the appearance of pores while mattifying and fighting oils and shine. It's a thin gel consistency that you dab on the problematic areas and let set for a couple of minutes before going on with the rest of your makeup routine.
The idea itself is brilliant and it works just fine, however this guy here doesn’t like foundation at all.

April freebies – Le offerte di Aprile

aprile 26, 2012

A noi ragazze i prodotti di bellezza piacciono, c’è poco da dire, e se sono gratis, o quasi, ancora meglio.
Dopo giorni di brutto tempo, oggi ho approfittato del primo raggio di sole e colto l’occasione al volo per una passeggiata, un po’ di shopping e, armata di coupons, una veloce spedizione di raccolta omaggi.
Vi presento il bottino:


And the winner is...

aprile 22, 2012

And the winner of the Sleek blush by 3 giveaway is Olga Petsi from Greece.
Thank you so much to everyone who partecipated. Even if you didn't win this time don't be surly because there are going to be tons of giveaways in the next months. See you soon!


E la vincitrice del giveaway Sleek Blush by 3 è Olga Petsi dalla Grecia.
Grazie a tutte le partecipanti. Anche se questa volta non avete vinto non siate tristi perchè ci saranno tantissimi giveaway nei prossimi mesi. Alla prossima!

Inserisci link

April MyBeautyBox - first impressions

aprile 18, 2012

Nel tentativo di rimediare ai tumulti scatenati dalla prima box di Marzo, il team MyBeautyBox ha deciso di inviare la box di Aprile a tutte le abbonate alla prima box, a titolo gratuito ed indipendentemente dal fatto che fossero rimaste iscritte al servizio o avessero annullato l’abbonamento. Ad essere onesti, avendo richiesto il rimborso, non mi aspettavo di ricevere la box, ma questa mattina, puntuale come un orologio, è arrivato il fedele corriere Bartolini.

Ecco il contenuto della box di Aprile:

Sleek Blush by 3 giveaway

aprile 14, 2012

Giveaway time! Yay!
Since the shipping costs are quite high and not everyone can afford to spend so much, when I placed my order on I thought about my lovely followers too and bought another Lace palette just for you.

The giveaway is open worldwide. You have to be a subscriber in order to complete the mandatory and optional tasks in the Rafflecopter form below. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any question. Please, don’t leave your personal data in the comments at the mercy of spammers, just use the Rafflecopter form below.

Sleek Blush by 3 in Pumpkin review & swatches

aprile 11, 2012

As I said in the previous post, the Lace palette was the first one to catch my attention but I think I may like Pumpkin better. It’s the perfect Spring/summer palette and I feel the colors diverge from the usual combinations, the shade mishmash a little more unusual.

With this combo you get Lantern – is a red orange with gold shimmer -, Squash – a slightly warm-toned bright pink - and P pie – a matte orange -. While P pie is definitely opaque, Squash has a gorgeous satin finish and Lantern has a soft shimmer but is not as metallic as Guipure from the Lace palette. They are all very pigmented but Squash coloring is almost insane.

Sleek Blush by 3 in Lace review & swatches

aprile 09, 2012

As every makeup junkie may well confirm, space is a big issue for every beauty product collector and I’m no exception. That’s why when something space-saving – usually money-saving too - like palettes and stacks come out I jump straight into it.

Sleek makeup isn’t new to the beauty community - we all know them for the amazing quality of their eyeshadow palettes and the little prices – and when a brand has to live up to such a reputation it can be hard to put on the market something as successful as the product that made you famous. It would be easier to just sit there and grind out thousand of palettes that at the end of the day all look the same. Instead Sleek created something new, smart and exciting for this spring, and you’ll see why I’m so thrilled.
The Blush by 3 palettes are the latest addition to the Sleek family: 5 blush palettes with 3 original shades each – with a combination of matte and shimmer shades -. Certain shades remind of some limited edition blushes we saw in the past collections, so if you missed out the previous releases this is your chance to grab some amazing colors.
Lace is all about soft pinkish corals; Pink Sprint contains fuchsia and purples; Sugar covers the browns and plums; with Flame you get a neutral, a red and a cranberry shade; Pumpkin is all about warm toned bright colors.

MAC eyeshadows: an overview and my favorites Part 2

aprile 05, 2012

Check Part 1 for some preliminary remarks about textures and sizes.

In my recommendation post I tried to mention only permanent eyeshadows, and to consider only the best textures.

(1.) Nylon (2.) Blanc type (3.) Vanilla (4.) Shroom (5.) Retrospect (6.) Sweet & punchy (7.) Humid (8.) Sumptuous olive (9.) Greensmoke (10.) Satellite dreams (11.) Shale (12.) Cranberry (13.) Trax (14.) Vex (15.) Club (16.) Copperplate (17.) Print (18.) Smut (19.) Omega (20.) Mystery (21.) Charcoal brown (22.) Cork (23.) Samoa silk (24.) Amber lights (25.) Coppering (26.) Antiqued (27.) Kid (28.) Naked Lunch (29.) All that glitters (30.) Era (31.) Woodwinked (32.) Romp (33.) Bronze (34.) Tempting (35.) Espresso (36.) Mulch (37.) Sable (38.) Satin taupe (39.) Patina.

There are no blue eyeshadows simply because I rarely use them, nevertheless Aquadisiac and Fresh waters are really popular. Also I hate silver eyeshadows with all my heart, however Electra gets a lot of love. Dupes for pretty much all the matte browns can be found in the Naked palettes, so if you have those palettes just skip them.
used to be the blackest black, but I hear the new formula lacks in pigmentation. I bet you’ll be able to find a cheaper alternative if you need a matte black. Another thing to keep in mind is, aside for Cranberry and few exceptions -
like Sushi flower -, MAC pinks are not that good in terms of texture and/or pigmentation. I think you can spend your money in better brands in this case.

MAC eyeshadows: an overview and my favorites Part 1

aprile 02, 2012

Shopping at MAC can be a little overwhelming, especially if it’s the first time. There’s so much choice and a bunch of pretty things that you feel compelled to try at least one product per type – or if you’re like me, a thousand -. Since the Italian e-shop is finally becoming a reality I thought to seize the opportunity to show you my favorite products and give you my recommendations about the must haves.
I thought to start with my favorite eyeshadows.

MAC pressed eyeshadows come in 2 shapes: the pro pan – the cheaper option: you only get the the pressed powder in the metal pan with a magnet; these eyeshadows require a magnetic palette, that can also be bought at MAC in the 4 pans and 15 pans option or you can also use other brands, like Z palettes and UNII – and the potted version – in the standard black plastic packaging -. Limited edition shades only come in the potted version, and special eyeshadows like Mega Metal and Mineralize shadows come in bigger sizes. There are also loose powders, the pigments, but since they’re more than mere eyeshadows, I’ll talk about those in a different post.
The pro pan version is only available online and in stores, MAC counters only sell the potted version.