Too faced Sweet pink ultra flush powder blush

maggio 26, 2012

Usually impulse shopping doesn’t work for me: I read reviews, look for YT videos, ask on twitter; in short I put a lot of effort into finding out if a product is worth my money before actually buying it.
For this reason I don’t regret a purchase that often, but unfortunately this is the case and the final proof that I shouldn't indulge in random uninformed buys
– this sounded so dramatic, I know but I'm still mad at myself for letting the store lighting and a finger swatch fool me into a bad purchase -.

The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging: Too faced makeup has easily one of the cutest packaging ever – even the card box looks gorgeous, with roses, pastel shades and gold details -.
The black plastic compact looks elegant and feels sturdy; has a vintage romantic design and comes with a decent size mirror. Everything in this product screams quality and beauty.

Deborah Milano Colour Design Lab Event

maggio 22, 2012

Questo post arriva un po’ in ritardo, ma come si dice, meglio tardi che mai.
Settimana scorsa ho avuto la possibilità di partecipare al mio primo evento per blogger, un workshop che si è tenuto presso gli uffici del Deborah Group qui a Milano.


Real techniques Setting brush review

maggio 16, 2012

I always preferred using small brushes to set my makeup - the MAC 225 is one of my favorites -, I almost wince in pain every time I see someone reaching for a huge powder brush like the MAC 150 or 134 to set his makeup in a tutorial. I don’t really see the point of it since the majority of people only need a veil of powder on the T zone. I mean, full powdered face is so 1920’s…
Jokes aside, this is the reason why I was so excited to hear of this new addiction to the Real Techniques line.


RT describes this brush as the key to completing any look with a controlled dusting of powder or highlighter. I call it ‘my magic wand’.
It’s basically a tapered fluffy blending brush, very similar in size to the MAC 225 – now discontinued -.

Liz Earle makeup haul & swatches

maggio 14, 2012

I was thinking of placing an order on Liz Earle's website when I found out that she was finally releasing a full line of makeup essentials - including mascaras and liners, lip and cheek products, a new shade for her best selling tinted moisturizer and 3 brushes -. The range is true to Liz's philosophy: effortless, natural, easy to wear. The kind of no-makeup makeup that makes people say 'oh, your skin looks amazing today'.

I only got the products a handful of days ago and obviously I’m not ready for a review yet, but I thought that maybe a couple of swatches could be useful, especially for those of you who are going to shop online without seeing the actual products first - like I did -.
I recommend checking the application videos: you’ll get a sense of the texture and pigmentation, and also take a look to some of the colors in real life and on different skin tones; they’re very informative and well made, so definitely give them a go.

Empties – products I’ve used up

maggio 11, 2012

My New Year resolution took a while to get going but I’m finally getting some result with this ‘using things up’ business. Using up makeup, as I found out along the way, is incredibly difficult but thankfully skincare gives a lot of satisfaction.

Here what I used up during the month of April:

Real Techniques Expert face brush

maggio 09, 2012

Being a huge fan of the Real techniques by Samantha Chapman brushes, I was very excited to hear of the new addition to the line and I grabbed mine as soon as it became available online.

The Expert face brush is described as ultra firm and broad for application and blending of cream and liquid foundation. Don’t let the ‘expert’ scare you tho, cause this brush is very easy to use and completely fool proof.

April Glossybox - first impressions

maggio 04, 2012

La box del mese di Aprile arriva con un piccolo ritardo a causa di problemi doganali – sapere di non essere l’unica su cui si stanno accanendo ultimamente mi fa quasi un po’ piacere -, ma l’attesa è stata ripagata da 4 full size e 6 prodotti in tutto, con l’aggiunta di alcuni buoni sconto da utilizzare per lo shopping online - se non avete mai sentito parlare di Glossybox e volete saperne di più potete dare un’occhiata al mio post sulla box di Ottobre e al sito

Come riportato nella consueta card di presentazione, si tratta di una box tutta primaverile che invita a prendersi cura di sé e rifiorire grazie ai prodotti naturali e colori alle volte audaci. Ecco il contenuto della mia box: